EFLA is based in Iceland and has affiliated companies in Norway, Sweden, France, Poland, the UK, and Germany.


EFLA and its predecessors have participated in projects in Norway for over 30 years. EFLA AS was established in Norway in 2008 to further strengthen this presence, in particular by providing engineering consultancy services for the growing energy sector with emphasis on the transmission of electrical energy. EFLA is a leading consultant to Statnett, the system operator of the Norwegian power system, in this field. Its operations have expanded to include design and consulting services for the transportation infrastructure, building, construction and environment sectors. Projects have included urban planning, roads and traffic, bridges, tunnels and public buildings.

EFLA also has a long-standing history of providing Norwegian industry with services in automation and control systems.


EFLA has worked on power grid projects in Sweden for many years. With the establishment of EFLA AB in the spring of 2014, EFLA further strengthened its focus on servicing the Swedish market into the future.

EFLA AB in Stockholm provides specialized services in the field of high-voltage transmission lines and other projects related to the transmission and distribution of electricity. EFLA has repeatedly been awarded the highest possible quality scores when bidding for projects in Sweden.


ISPOL-PROJEKT is a well-established engineering consulting company founded in Lodz in Poland in the year 2000. EFLA has been part-owner of ISPOL-PROJECT since 2003, but acquired the company fully in 2019. The company expertise lies within the general preparation and design of high voltage substations, energy transmission lines and distribution. This includes high voltage equipment, overhead power lines, underground cables and fibre optic cables, wind farm connections, land-sea interconnectors and more.

Among the principal clients of Ispol Projekt are PSE (the Polish national grid operator), Polish electricity utilities, large international wind farm developers and suppliers, and contractors in related fields.


HECLA SAS in Paris is a fully owned company of EFLA, with its main expertise in high voltage energy transmission and distribution. HECLA was established in the year 2001, to contribute to the renewal and upgrade of the French energy grid transmission system.

HECLA is now heading the HEI group of companies that has a leading position in servicing the French national grid operator RTE in overhead line energy transmission projects, primarily through framework agreements.

HECLA also has expertise in other related areas, such as underground cables, thermal measurements, civil engineering, sourcing and supplier relations and project management.

Additionally, HECLA has been active in projects outside of the RTE framework market, often collaborating with third parties, both within and outside of France.


KSLD, a well-respected lighting design studio, was established in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK by Kevan Shaw in 1989, and has built a strong reputation in a wide range of areas over the last three decades. KSLD has an extensive portfolio of award-winning lighting design projects, both in Scotland and internationally.

KSLD became a part of EFLA Consulting Engineers in November 2018. The two companies have been working together for some time and the merger has allowed the team to join forces, increasing the scale of practice and market access throughout the Nordic region, Europe and the Middle East. This allows us to take our lighting design capability to exciting new levels, uniting remarkably complementary design teams focused on creating leading-edge solutions in lighting design.


IPU Ingenieurgesellschaft Berlin mbH carries out various specific tasks in projects related to the design and maintenance of steel structures, particularly the design of high-voltage power lines. Damage analysis, structural dynamics, wind action assessment, cyclic loading, and the cross-checking of structural analysis are the main areas of expertise.

IPU Ingenieurgesellschaft Berlin mbH is owned by EFLA hf, IPU Ingenieurgesellschaft Braunschweig mbH, and the general manager, Dr. Milad Mehdianpour.

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