EIA and Permits

It’s crucial that our built environment is planned, designed and constructed in harmony with people and nature. EFLA offers comprehensive consultancy in the field of environmental impact assessments (EIA) and permits.

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To protect our planet and society, new construction projects are governed by stringent regulations. In Iceland, Act No. 111/2021 stipulates which projects and plans are subject to an EIA. Its outcome will determine whether a construction permit is granted. EFLA provides consultancy on the entire process of EIA and permits, regardless of the scale or scope of the project. Our services include screening, analysis of environmental impacts, preparing environmental statements, and recommendations for mitigation measures. We strive to provide holistic and integrated approaches for developers, helping to ensure that construction projects run to time and to budget.

Quality and speciality

At EFLA, we place sustainability at the core of everything we do. The circular economy is a guiding principle in all our solutions, including EIAs. We have extensive experience of working in tough conditions, developing sustainable solutions to meet environmental challenges such as seismic activity, arctic terrains and avalanches. We have a strong team of specialists with wide-ranging engineering expertise in several fields relevant to EIAs, such as acoustic engineering, image processing, and geographic information systems (GIS). We’re certified in quality, environmental and occupational safety management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001), ensuring you a robust, smooth-running service.


EIA and permit processes tend to overlap with planning issues, making this a complex and time-consuming stage for many construction projects. EFLA strives to smooth your path. Our consultants will provide you with a comprehensive service that aims to minimise risk and costs, and enhance your reputation. Together, we can help your company meet its legal obligations, and design and construct buildings fit for an eco-friendly future.

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